About Titans Gymnastics & Trampoline

Titans Philosophy

“To provide each member the opportunity to reach their full potential by providing high quality athletic programs in an inclusive and positive environment”

Every athlete’s involvement in our programs is highly valued by the club. While only a small proportion will reach the higher competitive levels we feel that it is important to create programs that will inspire children to view sport and athletics as a lifelong habit. Thus we have created a wide variety of programs to cater to all skill and ability levels. We also strive to accomplish this in a positive encouraging environment incorporating important elements of sportsmanship, cooperation and team spirit.


Club History

Mr. Jim Hoyle started the Dartmouth Titans Gymnastics Club in 1968. Gymnasts trained 2 evenings a week in Prince Andrew High School. We have now grown to be one of the largest clubs in eastern Canada and are presently a fully incorporated non-profit society. In 2005 our name changed to Titans Gymnastics and Trampoline Club to better reflect our operations.

The club boasts a strong competitive girl’s artistic program, a growing boys competitive program, a large and diverse recreational program, and the largest competitive trampoline program east of Montreal. We also offer a number of other recreational activities including:

  • Preschool
  • Power Tumbling
  • Gymnastics for cheerleading
  • "Oldies"
  • Birthday Parties
  • Special Needs Programs

We regularly produce national calibre athletes from our ranks and are a proud member of Gymnastics Nova Scotia.

  • Club Head Coach - Susan Gallagher
  • Recreational Coordinator - Eleanor Melrose
  • Club Administration - Leigh Merrill
  • Trampoline Head Coach - Dann McEntee
  • Men's Head Coach - Nick Lenehan

Problem Resolution

The Board of Directors and the coaches of Titans work hard to ensure the club functions effectively and efficiently. Occasionally problems do occur and we encourage parents to bring issues to the attention of the staff or board members. Most board meetings are open to all members and we encourage participation. This is a parent run volunteer board organization so all suggestions are welcome. If you have an issue that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please write to the Board of Directors or attend a meeting.

We are confident that open and effective communication will eliminate most if not all difficulties before they arise. If parents or their children feel that they have a problem, they should contact the child’s coach. If a resolution cannot be reached at this level then the Head Coach should be contacted. If the Head Coach is unable to resolve the matter, then it will be referred to the Parent Liaison member of the Board of Directors.

The Parent Liaison member will investigate the issue and attempt to resolve it in a fair and equitable manner. If the matter warrants consideration by the board it will be discussed in full confidentiality and a resolution will be decided upon. All board decisions are final.


Medical Policy

As is required by law Titans staff are basic First Aid / CPR trained. If a gymnast should become ill or injure him/herself during training we will take appropriate action and immediately inform the parent. If a serious injury occurs that requires more than basic first aid, an ambulance will be called and someone designated by the Head Coach will accompany the gymnast in the ambulance. For this reason, each parent must ensure that the Club has pertinent medical information on file, which will be kept in the office as part of the registration process.

Part of your registration fee is submitted to Gymnastics Nova Scotia in order for them to provide all member clubs with insurance, which protects both the club and your child, should he or she be injured.

Please advise the coach of any changes in your athlete’s general medical status.