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Titans boasts Nova Scotia’s largest recreational gymnastics program. We offer classes daily for a wide variety of athletes, from pre-school to adult. We are proud of our commitment to high-quality gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling at the recreational level.

Recreational gymnastics classes at Titans are divided by both age and ability. Typically individuals enter at the beginner level, but due to our individualized progress evaluation, they can advance through our levels at the pace most appropriate for them.

Titans Gymnastics Club follows the CANGYM Program. This program was created by Gymnastics Canada for the skill development of introductory gymnastics. It is widely used in clubs across the country.

  • How to Register

    We require a completed family account and payment in full to reserve a spot in one of our classes. Titans accept credit card online; as well as cash, cheque, or credit card at our office.

  • Dress Code

    For the safety of athletes and coaches, please ensure that all athletes are wearing appropriate athletic clothing. Shorts and a t-shirt, or bodysuit are recommended.

    • No denim, belts, buckles, hoodies, crop tops and skirts as these are a safety hazard.
    • Bare feet or gymnastics slippers please, socks for trampoline only classes
    • Hair should be tied up without the use of bobby pins.
    • No jewellery (except stud earrings) or watches.
  • Recreational Class Levels

    The CANGYM program consists of eleven badges. These badges are divided up over the five class levels offered at Titans. Our class levels have been updated as of Fall 2017.

    Beginner One: badges 1 (burgundy) and 2 (red)

    Beginner Two: badges 3 (tan) and 4 (bronze)

    Intermediate One: badges 5 (purple), and 6 (blue)

    Intermediate Two: badges 7 (turquoise) and 8 (silver)

    Intermediate Boys: badges 5-8

    Advanced: badges 9 (orange), 10 (yellow), and 11 (green)

    Please note, our Beginner 1 & 2 classes are offered as a mixed-gender class. Boys only classes will be offered starting at the Intermediate level.


  • Preschool Gymnastics

    Titans offers a comprehensive preschool program for children ages 18 months to 5 years old. Our classes teach co-ordination, speed, balance, endurance, and ocular-motor skills. More importantly, we enhance self-esteem, listening skills, problem-solving skills, and provide creative ways of using excess energy.

    • Parent and Tot (ages 18 months to 3 years): 50 minutes
    • Tiny Titans (ages 3 and 4): 1 hour
    • Kindergym (ages 4-5): 1 hour

    Our preschool classes use all areas of our gym including bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline. Equipment is adapted to suit the age and abilities of participants and the focus is on participation and personal achievement.

  • Trampoline Classes

    Titans offers classes dedicated to trampoline. During these 1 hour classes, athletes use our large competition-size in-ground trampolines, as well as the double-mini trampoline. Achievement in our trampoline program is tracked using our specifically designed level system.

    Class Levels:

    As trampoline does not require additional equipment set-up, all levels of our recreational program are mixed within our class times and allow for athletes to progress at their own pace. Our program consists of 15 progression based levels ensuring that as an athlete progresses through each level they develop all of the necessary skills to develop more advanced maneuvers.

  • Tumbling Classes

    This class offers athletes the chance to work on their tumbling skills with the aid of our equipment and trampolines. This class is popular with cheerleaders, dancers and older gymnasts looking to advance their skill level in a safe environment.

    Titans currently offers three different ages ranges for tumbling -Teen Tumbling for ages 12+ (1.5 hour class) , Youth Tumbling (1 hour class) is for both athletes ages 8-13 & 10+.

    For the 1.5 hour Teen Tumbling the first half-hour of the class focuses on conditioning (basic strength and flexibility training). The following hour uses stations primarily on the floor and rod floor to develop tumbling and acrobatic skills. Skills covered include handsprings, walkovers and aerials.

    For the 1 hour Youth Tumbling the first 15 minutes of the class focuses on conditioning (basic strength and flexibility training). The following 45 minutes uses stations primarily on the floor and rod floor to develop tumbling and acrobatic skills. Skills covered include handsprings, walkovers and aerials.

  • Adult Drop-In

    Are you an ex-gymnast or an adult just would like to learn some gymnastics or trampoline skills?  Snowboarder, skateboarder or thrill-seeker? Titans offers adult drop-in sessions with supervision provided by trained coaches. While the class is unstructured, coaches are available to offer advice and promote a safe environment for skill development.

    Days/Times, Cost & Registration:

    Monday and Thursday nights- 9:00-10:30pm – September 11th 2023 to June 20th 2024

    $30.00 for the first two sessions to cover administration and Gymnastics Nova Scotia membership and then $10.00 for each subsequent class. This membership is valid from September 1st, 2023 to August 31st, 2024.

    To enroll you MUST have created an online account ahead of time, without so we will be unable to do registration with you on the spot. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE 16 OR OLDER – NO EXCEPTIONS

  • Badges & Report Cards

    Athletes work on skills specific to the badge they are working on, as well as other badges within their class level over the term. Once an athlete has mastered all key badge skills they advance to the next badge level. This means that athletes progress at an individual pace. There is no set or normal speed at which athletes progress through badges or levels. Some children may complete the required skills for Beginner over one term while others may take several terms to complete a specific badge. Badges typically take longer to complete in the higher levels. The final badge in a level is also typically more difficult to achieve (ie: badge 6, blue).

    Athletes receive a final report card per term and will receive a midterm update if they are prepared to move up to a new level. Near the middle of each term, late November for Fall and early April for Spring, we will communicate by e-mail if an athlete is prepared to move up a level to assist with registration for the following session. Final report cards and badges are issued the last day of each term and provide a detailed list of skills achieved and areas that need improvement.

  • Coaching

    Titans coaches follow the Gymnastics Canada approved National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The NCCP is widely recognized as one of the best coach development programs in the world.