Recreational Tumbling Classes

This class offers athletes the chance to work on their tumbling skills with the aid of our equipment and trampolines. This class is popular with cheerleaders, dancers and older gymnasts looking to advance their skill level in a safe environment.

Titans currently offers this class in two different ages ranges. Our Teen Tumbling is for ages 12+ while Youth Tumbling is for athletes ages 8-13.

The first half hour of the class focuses on conditioning (basic strength and flexibility training). The following hour uses stations primarily on the floor and rod floor to develop tumbling and acrobatic skills. Skills covered include handsprings, walkovers and aerials.

How to Register:

We require a completed registration form and payment in full to reserve a spot in one of our classes. At this time Titans accepts only cash or cheque, so all registration must be done in person.  

Dress Code:

For the safety of athletes and coaches, please ensure that all athletes are wearing appropriate athletic clothing. Shorts and t-shirt, or a bodysuit are recommended. No spaghetti strap tank tops please.  

No denim, belts, buckles, hoodies, and skirts as these are a safety hazard.

Bare feet or gymnastics slippers please!

Hair should be tied up without the use of bobby pins.

No jewellery (except stud earrings) or watches.