Recreational Gymnastics Program

Titans boastsNova Scotia's largest recreational gymnastics program. We offer classes daily for a wide variety of athletes, from pre-school to adult. We are proud of our commitment to high quality gymnastics, trampoline, and tumbling at the recreational level.

Recreational gymnastics classes at Titans are divided by both age and ability. Typically individuals enter at the beginner level, but due to our individualized progress evaluation they can advance through our levels at the pace most appropriate for them.

Titans Gymnastics Club follows the CANGYM Program. This program was created by Gymnastics Canada for the skill development of introductory gymnastics. It is widely used in clubs across the country and around the world.

Class Levels:

The CANGYM program consists of eleven badges. These badges are divided up over the five class levels offered at Titans.  Our class levels have been updated as of Fall 2017

Beginner One: badges 1 (burgundy) and 2 (red)

Beginner Two: badges 3 (tan) and 4 (bronze)

Intermediate One: badges 5 (purple), and 6 (blue)

Intermediate Two: badges 7 (turquoise) and 8 (silver)

Intermediate Boys: badges 5-8

Advanced: badges 9 (orange), 10 (yellow), and 11 (green)

Please note, as of Fall 2017 Beginner 1 will only be offered as a mixed gender class. Boys only classes will be offered as of the Beginner 2 level.



Athletes work on skills specific to the badge they are working on, as well as other badges within their class level over the term. Once an athlete has mastered all key badge skills they advance to the next badge level. This means that athletes progress at an individual pace. There is no set or normal speed at which athletes progress through badges or levels. Some children may complete the required skills for Beginner over one term while others may take several terms to complete a specific badge. Badges typically take longer to complete in the higher levels. The final badge in a level is also typically more difficult to achieve (ie: badge 6, blue).  

Report Cards:

Athletes receive both a midterm achievement award and a final report card per term. The midterm is a general recognition of skill achievement. In our fall term the midterm is usually handed out the last week in November and gives the level recommended for re-registration for the spring term. The midterms in the spring term are usually handed out early April. Final report cards are issued the last day of term. These offer a very detailed list of skill achieved and areas that need improvement. Badges are usually passed out with final reports.

How to Register:

We require a completed family account and payment in full to reserve a spot in one of our classes. Titans accepts credit card online; as well as cash, cheque, or credit card at our office. 


Titans coaches follow the Gymnastics Canada approved National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP). The NCCP is widely considered to be one of the best coaching programs in the world.  

Titans Recreational Dress Code:

For the safety of athletes and coaches, please ensure that all athletes are wearing appropriate athletic clothing. Shorts and t-shirt, or a bodysuit are recommended.  

No denim, belts, buckles, hoodies, crop tops and skirts as these are a safety hazard.

Bare feet or gymnastics slippers please!

Hair should be tied up without the use of bobby pins.

No jewellery (except stud earrings) or watches.