Titans Private Coaching Policy


This policy sets out the guidelines governing situations where a member wishes to arrange private coaching for their athlete.  As Titans is a community based non-profit organization, private coaching is normally discouraged except in special circumstances.


Private Coaching - Definition


For the purposes of this policy Private Coaching is defined as:

 ·         A regular, periodic arrangement between a parent (or adult member) and Titans where one-on-one coaching is provided separate from regular classes.  This arrangement is normally initiated by the member (parent) to augment what would normally occur in a gym class situation.

 This definition does not apply to occasional situations where coaching staff may initiate action to individually coach an athlete for a specific, short-term purpose such as preparation for a high performance meet.


 The following guidelines will apply to all private lesson arrangements.

 ·         Members will be assessed a per-lesson cost based on the Gymnastics Canada qualification level of the coach.  Therefore, the higher the coach level, the higher the fee.  Fees for all levels of private coaching will be set by the board annually at the AGM.

·         Individual coaching for special needs athletes will not be subject to the same fee structure.

·         Private coaching arrangements will only be made if the coach is available and willing to conduct the individual training.

·         Private coaching will only occur on a non-interference basis with other club activities.

·         Club priorities will take precedence over any private coaching arrangements.  For example, a private arrangement may be cancelled at the discretion of the club if the coach is needed for another class or the gym space is no longer available.


Approval of any private coaching arrangement is by the Titans Head Coach.