Titans Board of Directors

The Titans Board of Directors is a dedicated group of elected club members who meet once monthly to discuss club policies and issues.  Board elections occur once annually (June AGM).  All members are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings and the AGM.

Titans Board Positions - Current Board

President (elected)

  • Chair Board Meetings / Coordinate Board activities
  • Convey board decisions and policy to Titans staff
  • Liaise with outside agencies/clubs/media etc
  • Sign documents as board authority

1st Vice President (elected)

  • Manage Titans hiring and staffing
  • Manage contracts for permanent staff and services
  • Act as president in the absence of regular president

2nd Vice President (elected)

  • Act as volunteer coordinator
  • Maintain Pre-comp and Comp volunteer hours book
  • Advertise volunteer opportunities

Secretary (elected)

  • Take minutes of all meetings
  • Keep records of club activities and documents
  • Distribute information to board members

Treasurer (elected)

  • Compile and report financial statements to board
  • Audit club financial activities
  • Prepare annual budget with club staff

Parent Liaison (elected)

  • Investigate and mediate parent complaints with the club and staff

Infrasturcture / Equipment Chair (elected)

  • facility management
  • equipment management

Member at Large (elected)

  • Voting position from private or public sector

Community Adviser (elected)

  • Voting position from community

Head Coach (permanent)

  • Permanent Voting board position

Club Administrator (permanent)

  • Staff position

Recreational Program Director (permanent)

  • Staff position

Past President (non elected)

  • Previous year only